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I am Kathy Jorgensen & I think of my journey with healing energies as a journey of  remembering who I really am and loving every minute of “rediscovering” all that lies within myself and learning how to help others to do the same through these pathways of Energy Healing. Every class that I have taken has deepened the loving connection I feel with Higher Beings of Light and to my Higher Self as well as helped me to remember the incredible power of healing that we each have within us. It has truly been an incredible journey and my passion for doing energy healing work has grown with each and every class. I feel so blessed to have been given the knowledge & training that I have through these classes. And, it fills me with much joy to be able to provide you with a safe, loving and peaceful place to come & reconnect with yourself and with your own healing energies through any of these loving pathways.


For each healing session, you lay down fully clothed on a massage table. You will find the sessions relaxing and renewing. It is a time to reconnect with yourself, listen to your body, and let go of any issues you are holding on to that are blocking the natural flow of your energy. And, of course, this quiet and peaceful time helps you to also listen to Spirit.




A photo of Loving Pathways room.

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