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Gemstone Healing

Just as people, animals, birds and plants vibrate with a Life Force, stones, too carry vibrations. The realization of this and of the healing and loving energies they carry is powerful knowledge. Not only can we be awed by their incredible beauty, but we can use them to help us clear our auras and help us heal on so many levels. These beautiful gems of  the Earth can help us in our development, in healing and in our personal and spiritual growth.


The use of crystals has an ancient history. They are referenced over 200 times in the Bible. Throughout history they’ve been used in jewelry, in ceremonies, for healing, for protection and to raise people’s frequencies. History has shown that these amazing members of the mineral kingdom with their strong vibrations can act as catalysts to help us in so many ways.


Each stone has it’s own characteristics and properties. Depending on the stone, they can help us in so many ways. They can stimulate or clear different chakras, assist one in releasing emotions that are affecting one negatively, help in meditation, help ground us, protect our energy fields, express ourselves in a positive and loving way, stimulate the healing and repair of the body, and so much more.  I have a great and intense love and passion for gemstones~~for their beauty and for all that they can help us with. 


When we are out of balance, this can manifests in many different ways and on many different levels. Gemstone Healing can help heal this imbalance. In doing a Gemstone layout on a client, the client lays down on a massage table, fully clothed, and the Practitioner places stones that work harmoniously with each other but each have their own properties on the body of the client. These stones can clear the client’s aura, help clear any blockages and heal imbalances on the client’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies. This brings the client back to a sense of inner peace, balance, love and joy.


The universe and the light of the world

shines through me.  ~Remi

Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation. All things have a freuency and a vibration.


                                 Nikola Tesla

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