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Loving Pathways Angel

The beautiful angel that you see at the top of each page on this website holds very special meaning and energy. She was painted by Marsha, my very dear friend who passed away in June of 2015. We have (yes, I believe we still have that connection!) been friends for over 30 years. Our friendship here on earth was one in which we shared almost everything with each other~~our thoughts & feelings, as well as our spiritual beliefs. She loved to hear about the classes I took and we talked constantly about healing energies, angels, messages from Spirit and so much more.


Marsha, in turn, took painting classes and evolved into an excellent artist that not only created paintings that were beautiful, but also spoke of her beautiful energy. When I asked her to paint an angel to use on my business cards for Loving Pathways Energy Healing, she painted the angel you see on each page of this website.


Not only is this angel beautiful, but with her arms & wings open wide and her Light shining from her Soul Spark, she embodies all the Love & Light that I believe Energy Healing brings to us.


Marsha and I not only still have our connection with each other~~but now she is helping from where she is, as I continue  to do my part here on Earth. I love to think this as Divine teamwork!

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