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The human body has over 100 chakras. For the purposed of this page, we will just discuss the 7 main ones, as well as the hand chakras.


Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means wheel. In (and above) the human body, the term chakra refers to “wheels” of energy throughout the body. The seven main chakras, start from the base of the spine and continue upwards to the crown of the head.  This invisible energy is our life force. It is what keeps us healthy, balanced, vibrant and alive. It is essential that our chakras stay open so that the energy can flow. When there is a blockage, that energy cannot flow as it should. That can cause imbalance and sometimes dis-ease in any or all of our bodies~~physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Each of the chakras has it’s own innate intelligence and function. If you look at the drawing of the 7 main chakras, you will see that each chakra has a meaning as to what aspects of human awareness it is associated with. I will just briefly touch on each of these. I want to also mention  the Hand Chakras as I feel they are incredibly important, especially with regards to energy healing. The hand chakras are located in the palms of your hands. They are associated with feeling, giving and receiving energies. They allow energy to flow both in and out as they are associated with giving and receiving. That is why during a healing session, both the healer’s hands and the receiver’s hands may feel warm and or tingly.


I understand

7.  The Crown chakra is at the top of your head. It is associated with enlightenment, transcendence and spiritual understanding.

I see

6. Third Eye Chakra this chakra is between your eyes and up a bit. It is associated with intuition, understanding, clairvoyance and the psychic sense.

I am

1.  The Root chakra is the energy center at the base of the spine. It is associated with grounding, security and survival

I love

4.  The Heart chakra is, of course, at the heart. It is associated with balance, love, connection,compassion and hope.

I feel

2.  The Sacral chakra is  below the waist and is associated with relationships, sexuality and intimacy.

I speak

5.  The Throat chakra is at the neck. It is associated with communication and creativity.

I do

3.  The Solar Plexus chakra is just above the navel. It is associated with energy, vitality, personal authority and power.

Any time that any of these are blocked or off balance, it affects you overall, but especially with regards to that specific chakra or chakra that are blocked. Energy healing can clear those blockages and help you regain your balance.

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